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If you Google “Custom Home Builders Near Me,” or even “Custom Home Builders in Delaware County Ohio,” you might not be getting what you’d expect. In fact, if you run that particular search, you’re greeted with a sponsored list of names of some of the larger custom home builders who pay Google to show their company names to you first, at the top of the page. Does that mean those companies are the best? No, not necessarily. Does it mean they provide the most “custom” building experience for you? No. Hmm… Well, it must mean they have the best reputation then? No, strike three. Sorry. Thanks for playing.

Finding The Best Custom Home Builder For You

Well then, how do you know what Custom Home Builder is best for you?

Honestly, the answer is much more simple than you realize.

You just have to do a little research on some of the local Custom Home Builders in the area, check out samples of their work, and then talk to them to see if they’re a good match for your personality and what you’re going to want in a home (as you’ll be working closely together for months).

YOU: Gasp! But this is 2016… I’d like to do as much of this online as possible before I reach out and physically talk to someone.

ME: You’re in luck. Some of the more consumer-friendly, forward-thinking custom home builders already understand that, and they’ve implemented the technology of the web to meet you right where you want. Their company websites can now give you all the information you need upfront, provide you with a gallery of photos (and in some cases videos) of recently completed homes, and even provide you with a subtle line of communication to get the process started.

Introducing: Stonecliff Homes

One such Custom Home Builder who is doing this as well, if not better, than anyone is Stonecliff Homes. Their new company website, www.StonecliffHomes.com, implements a little bit of all of this, including a blog in order to not only help you learn more about them as a possible builder for you, but their blog will also provide you with valuable tips and advice about building a custom home in Columbus and all of Central Ohio, even though their primary focus is in Delaware County… areas like Lewis Center, OH, Powell, OH, Delaware, OH, and Galena, OH.

Here are some of the key features you’ll find useful from Stonecliff Homes’ website:

  • About Page – Here you can learn more about Stonecliff Homes and the services they provide.
  • Portfolio – Looking through a photo gallery of some of their recent work can help you determine the type of quality work and style they produce.
  • Reviews – Not many companies these days take the time to collect valuable feedback from their clients to share with new potential customers. Stonecliff Homes does so for your benefit.
  • Evans Farm Community Page – Stonecliff Homes has been selected as one of the custom home builders for the upcoming Evans Farm community in Lewis Center, Ohio. Here you can learn more about their direct involvement as well as the community itself.
  • Subtle Contact Forms – Just about every page of StonecliffHomes.com concludes with a simple contact form where you can quite simply drop them a line and start the conversation to see if Stonecliff Homes is the right builder for you.
  • Stonecliff Homes Blog – Stonecliff Homes’ blog is going to be a large feature of their website and online presence moving forward. This will be a great place to learn about the process of building a custom built home, to see some of the latest trends in new home construction, and to stay up to date on Stonecliff’s latest projects, like Evans Farm.

So, if you’re considering building a custom home in the Central Ohio area, definitely check out Stonecliff Homes’ website. It’ll be a great resource for you, whether you decide to build with Stonecliff Homes or not. Now, that’s service.

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