The Stonecliff Homes’ Difference

When most builders quote a buyer their price per square foot for a home, the additional costs of the features or options buyers want and require today are not typically included resulting in a huge price increase to the cost per square foot. The difference with Stonecliff Homes is that top-of-the-line construction methods and materials are always utilized. As a savvy buyer, you need to recognize this huge difference that Stonecliff Homes’ approach does result in a higher initial cost per square foot but not to the overall finished price of your home.

The features that are standard in our one-of-a-kind custom homes far surpass the features used by most local builders. Included in our homes are Amish built cabinets, with all the bells and whistles, as well as a full basement with 9’ tall poured walls. Even if you don’t finish the basement, the resale value of your home will be greater with this type of basement, as opposed to a partial basement with lower ceilings. Also, Stonecliff Homes always uses the most structurally sound method for framing, including steel beams and posts, engineered floor joists and 2”x 6” walls. Considering just these few standard features a sophisticated buyer can easily see why our cost per square foot will be initially higher than traditionally built homes using the base price method.

Stonecliff Homes strongly disagrees with the base pricing method as it is very deceiving to buyers. Traditional builders have a base price that appears to be a low per square foot cost. However, once the buyer begins to upgrade the quality of the features, the total cost of the home goes up astronomically per square foot. The use of upgraded materials by Stonecliff Homes also assists the buyer with controlling the total cost of the custom home, as our home designers works diligently to incorporate our clients’ needs into the design.

If you’re fed up with builders that require you to add $50,000-$100,000 or more to their base price to get the level of features you want to fit your lifestyle, you need to experience the Stonecliff Homes Difference. Because we do not use base prices, our buyers choose how to best spend their construction dollars for creating a home that fits their lifestyle.

Contact us today so that our designer can turn your dreams into a one-of-a-kind home.

Remember your building a lifestyle not just a home.


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