A “Virtual” Idea Of What Evans Farm Will Look Like

See Evans Farm “Virtually” Thanks To Google

One of the biggest questions people have about Evans Farm, understandably, is “What will it look like?” That’s a great question, especially because there are no communities like this in Columbus. In fact, this will be the first community of it’s kind in all of Ohio. It’s going to be a community based on “New Urbanism,” basically meaning it will be a walkable, environmentally-friendly community providing housing and jobs and retail all within close-proximity. And until you see it, it may be hard to fully grasp the concept.

As Pat Schultz, owner of Stonecliff Homes, and I have been meeting with prospective Buyers and residents of Evans Farm, we’ve done our best to explain the community, however, we realized in one of our recent meetings, Google Street View may actually let us take a “tour” of similar communities in surrounding states, allowing us to feel we’re there, driving through the neighborhood.

So, if you’re curious what Evans Farm will look like from inside the community, take a look at two of the closest New Urbanism communities to get a better feel for Evans Farm:

Norton Commons – Louisville, KY — Google Street View


West Haven – Franklin, TN — Google Street View


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