Build in Evans Farm, Starting at $339,900, with Stonecliff Homes!

Stonecliff Homes Just Made Everyone’s Jaws Drop

We’ve been telling you for a while now about Evans Farm and how one of the builders chosen for the Evans Farm community, Stonecliff Homes, has been leading the charge in promoting the community as well as potential floor plans and designs.

And one of the most impressive things about Stonecliff Homes was that they were promoting the ability to build in Evans Farm, starting in the $370K’s or $380K’s, which seemed to be less than many of the other builders in the community. Some builders have said there’s no way they could build for less than $400K, and we’ve even heard some builders say they aren’t planning to build anything under $500K.

Well, guess what… Stonecliff Homes may have just changed the whole game, once again.

After going back to the drawing board with one clear focus in mind: exactly how affordable of a home can we design while still bringing the quality and design aspects required for Evans Farm? And Pat Schultz, owner of Stonecliff Homes, surprised himself with what he found. Schultz realized he could build a smaller, approximately 1,600 sq ft, 2-story home, with 3-4 bedrooms AND all of the amazing features for Evans Farm starting at JUST $339,900! That basically blows everything away from a pricing stand point that anyone has seen or announced up to this point for Evans Farm.

What Does It Look Like?

The 2-story design that Stonecliff Homes came up with, to go along with their other released designs, is featured below along with the design features/details listed on the right side:

Too Good To Be True?

We understand it might seem like this is a little too good to be true. How can a builder come in with a price so much less than what other builders have been quoting? Stonecliff Homes is quite confident in their ability to deliver on this home, in this price range. Of course, as a Buyer, if you were to choose upgraded materials, the price will likely rise, but regardless, it appears Stonecliff Homes is able to build a fantastic home at an unbeatable price.

Interested in Building in Evans Farm?

Have you been thinking about building in Evans Farm and want to know how to take the next step to know if it’s really the right community for you? It’s time to talk with Stonecliff Homes about the process. Let’s talk about your situation and your options. We’d be honored to begin that conversation with you.

Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to you soon. Or, you can always call or text us at (614) 271-9100.

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