The Evans Farm Questions We’re Being Asked Most Often

What questions do people have about Evans Farm?

The community of Evans Farm continues to generate interest and buzz not only from people all over the United States who are following the “walkable community” movement, but especially from those people are interested in possibly becoming residents in the community. There are a lot of great questions, and for great reason: Evans Farm is going to be an amazing neighborhood to call home. Plus, because it’s a new concept here in Central Ohio (i.e. custom homes rather than cookie-cutter designs, walkable community with parks and greenspaces, as well as numerous approved builders from which to choose from), people just aren’t sure HOW it’s all going to work?

As one of the approved custom home builders invited to be part of Evans Farm, Stonecliff Homes has been busy setting up meetings and appointments discussing Evans Farm and our potential floor plans, designs, and costs with potential future home owners in the community. And we quickly realized something… it seems just about EVERYONE has some of the same questions.

So, we’d love to take a look at the TOP THREE questions we’re being asked most often about Evans Farm.

1. How Much Will The Houses Cost?

Of course it’s understandable that the biggest question everyone has, or at least the one they start with is about affordability. And one of the reasons there is so much question about cost is because… well… it’s because there is no fixed cost per se. Here’s why:

There are multiple custom Home Builders who are part of Evans Farm. Some of those builders are larger companies, and some are smaller. They all have been selected to be part of Evans Farm because they will all build a high-quality home. But because there are so many different builders in the community, each builder has their own pricing structures and costs.

For instance, we’ve met with Buyers who have said that some builders have specifically told them that their company can’t build a home in Evans Farm for less than $450,000. Other builders have said they can build home right around the $400,000 mark, maybe just a bit below, maybe slightly above.

But this is where Stonecliff Homes continues to set itself apart. Not only have we been leading the charge in Evans Farm from the beginning, Stonecliff Homes has also been releasing potential floor plans and pricing options, offering different home features for thousands less than$400,000. And this seems to be a key price range Buyers are flocking to.

So, to answer the question… you can expect to build a brand new home for around $375,000 up to however much you’d like to spend depending on home size and the features you’d like to add. This includes the land as well. But again, not all builders have the same pricing, so you will need to ask around. We’d suggest you simply start by asking Stonecliff Homes.

UPDATE: As of the end of July, Stonecliff Homes as made a huge accomplishment. Stonecliff Homes is now offering a home in Evans Farm for UNDER $350,000! More details coming soon in the next few days. We’ll link up the blog post once the details are available. 

2. When will building start? a.k.a When can I move In?

Another common question we hear from the Buyers we’re meeting with is about the timeline for Evans Farm. Again, this is for good reason, and one of those reasons is because there are admittedly been some delays.

Initially when the concept of Evans Farm was announced to the public back in 2015, the timeline looked much different than it stands today. Originally, we believed residents might be moving into the first homes by now. However, common and unavoidable delays with the County and Townships, as well as delays in obtaining certain permits and things, slowed things down quite a bit. Again, this is all common, and as builders, we’re used to it. But the interest and buzz surrounding Evans Farm seems to understandably cause the delays to seem more exaggerated than they are.

The truth is, at this point, we are fairly confident as a community of builders and developers, that lots can be sold Mid-Fall 2017 with street and curb construction to begin after that. This would mean home construction should begin Winter 2017, with the first homes to be complete in Summer 2018 most likely.

Again, all of this is subject to change. Things could move along more quickly, or it could take a little longer. Part of it is out of our control, and part if it is 100% in our control as the timeline also depends on the builder you choose and how quickly they can complete your new home.

3. What lots are available? How much do the lots cost?

Lot prices range from approximately $62,000 up to over $140,000, depending on the size and location of the lot. Obviously, the smaller the lot, the smaller the home that will likely be built upon it. And the larger the lot, the larger the home. But that’s not to say that if you decide to build on one of the smaller lots you should expect a small home. The word “smaller” is relative. You can still build a sizable home on one of the less expensive lots. There just might not be room to build a 5,000 sq ft home there on one of the 40′-wide lots.

If you are curious about which lots are available or what the pricing is for the lots, please feel free to simply ASK. That’s the easiest way to find out and know for sure. Reservations for lots are being taken all the time, and additionally some of the once-reserved lots are going back to being available as prospective residents change lot reservations or withdraw their names/reservations.

So, best answer here… Just ask, and we’ll get you the details you need.

You can reach out to owner, Pat Schultz, directly by calling or texting Pat at 614-271-9100, or you can email Pat at [email protected].

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