What is a Custom Home Builder?

What does it mean to be a custom home builder? Wikipedia defines “custom home as “a one-of-a-kind house that is designed for a specific client and for a particular location”. If a builder has pre-defined floor plans, or brochures for you to choose from, they are not a custom home builder. If they will allow you to make some changes to their pre-defined floor plans, and say it is a custom home, they are still not a custom home builder.

true custom home builder either has the ability to design the home of your dreams in-house or works with an architect to do the same. In today’s competitive market, one should not settle for anything less than a fully designed custom home that you have created, that suits your family’s needs.

Stonecliff Homes has never built the same home twice. Every floor plan is unique to our individual clients. We work closely with you to design a home that not only meets your family’s wants and needs, but neatly fits into your family budget. Sometimes this takes a little more time and effort, but when you can proudly say “this is my home design”, the end result makes it all worthwhile.  Remember you are building a Lifestyle, not just a house.


If you’d like more info, or if you’d like to schedule a design consultation with us, simply enter your contact information below, and we will get back to you quickly.  Or, if you prefer, either call or text The Gartner Group at (614) 402-3269.  We look forward to beginning a conversation with you!

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